Familiarize yourself with these NFT games

Familiarize yourself with these NFT games

Familiarize yourself with these NFT games

If you’re interested in learning more about nft gaming, we’ve got something for you. We’ve assembled vital information about many popular NFT games. Enjoy.

3D Sandbox

The Sandbox is a voxel-based game metaverse that is one of the most popular nft gaming platforms, allowing participants to create and exchange virtual assets. Players may alter and monetize voxel objects in this game. Consider it the blockchain-based version of major game franchises such as Minecraft and Roblox. The platforms provide tools for creating and animating objects, which can then be sold on markets. Additionally, users may utilize the platform to build and play unique NFT games. Sandbox 3D has established SAND, an ERC-20 token, as the metaverse’s native coin. Players may use this to buy in-game products through the platform’s marketplace. Additionally, there is LAND, which are NFT tokens and are by far the most valuable and desired assets in the Sandbox game. In April alone, a record $8.5 million in LAND transactions was completed.

Alien Worlds Alien Worlds is an NFT Defi metaverse that mimics economic rivalry and teamwork between players in the pursuit of extraterrestrial exploration. This is accomplished by enticing players to compete for Trilium (TLM), a resource that is necessary to manage rival decentralized autonomous organizations (Planet DAOs) and get access to further games.

Players may obtain NFTs in the Alien Worlds metaverse to mine TLM, participate in combat, and accomplish in-game tasks. Players may acquire and build NFTs that best fit their strategy. Additionally, players may participate in government by voting Councillors for six Planet DAOs, influencing the game’s destiny.

Familiarize yourself with these NFT games

Battle Racers

Battle Racers, as the title indicates, is influenced by famous nft gaming such as Super Mario Kart and F-Zero. The concept is to mix various weaponry and components in order to make the most powerful automobiles possible. Players may combine various pieces and weaponry to get an edge on the arcade-sized circuits. You may register your winning or valued automobiles on the blockchain as NFTs and then sell them on OpenSea for cryptocurrency.

Each player strives to build the ideal automobile by prioritizing various talents and characteristics. You might choose maneuverability over speed or defense over firepower in the goal of winning tournaments. This game is now played on Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual world in and of itself. Additional information on the game is available here.

Sorare — Football Fantasy

Sorare is a blockchain-based fantasy football trading card game. Players collect or purchase trading cards in order to engage in weekly contests and win rare cards and Eth. As of end-October 2021, Sorare has officially licensed over 200 teams on its platform, including illustrious names like as Real Madrid, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bayern Munich, with more adding weekly.

There are four types of cards: commons, rares, super-rares, and uniques. The game is completely free to play, and upon completion of certain onboarding chores, users are given a deck of random common cards. To advance through the division leagues and earn rewards, players will need to purchase rare cards on the marketplace using Ether.

Players construct a five-player team from their deck of cards, choose a captain, and enter their team into weekly events. It will decide the team’s point total based on the players’ performances in real-world football matches. Players own their acquired NFT cards and may resell them to other players via NFT markets.

Star Atlas 

Star Atlas, arguably one of the most anticipated blockchain nft gaming of all time, is widely expected to set a new standard in the play-to-earn space by fusing expansive space exploration gameplay, thoughtfully designed strategy elements, and high-quality graphics to create what may be the first AAA-grade blockchain game.

The focus of the game is focused on space exploration, mining, and development. Players have the freedom to design their own spaceship, crew, and avatars, as well as establish mining operations as they explore the cosmos. Ships also have combat capabilities, which enable their owners to engage in PvP and maybe PvE conflicts for resources and control over various sectors.

Familiarize yourself with these NFT games

The majority of in-game assets will be recorded on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and will be tradeable on the Star Atlas marketplace. Consumable goods will be included.

The Star Atlas marketplace, in-game inventory (wallet), and faction selection are fully operational at the moment, but the entire game is anticipated to open in late 2022. A live roadmap is being kept here at the moment.


Illuvium is a forthcoming open-world role-playing game that is similar to Pokemon in that players travel through a digital environment populated with uncommon and exotic creatures (dubbed Illuvials) that may be caught, trained, and fought.

The objective of the game is to assemble a formidable squad of Illuvials that may be utilized to beat opponents and gain prizes. Due to the fact that many in-game assets (including LAND and Illuvials) are represented as NFTs that may be purchased and sold at will, the game blends free-to-play and paid components.

In contrast to the majority of play2earn nft gaming, the developers of Illuvium chose to create the game on the Ethereum network (despite its current limitations). To guarantee platform accessibility, Immutable X’s layer-2 solution for zero-cost NFT transfers and transactions would be used. Not only is Illuvium one of the most ambitious play-to-earn nft gaming ever created, it is also one of the biggest (by market capitalization). With a market capitalization of more than $500 million, the game is undoubtedly the fourth biggest P2E title – after Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and My Neighbor Alice.

Final thoughts

If you’re read this post, chances are you’ve heard about NFTs — the gaming industry’s fresh new trading activity. While the NFT games are still in their infancy, their potential cannot be overstated. According to DapRadar, the trading volume of NFT solutions exceeded $10.67 billion in the third quarter of 2021, a massive 704 percent rise over the previous quarter. The popularity of NFT games is a significant reason in this quick expansion. So, if you’re looking for the right time to get started with NFT games, it’s now.

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