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Also known as: Rune Scape

Varrock training ground:
Wild level 1-10 north of Varrock. Level 13 rats, player fights, Body Runes to north, Altar to the north.
Falador training ground: Wild level 1-10 northwest of Falador. Dark Wizards level 16 and 25. Wizards drop many runes, altar south out of wild.
Graveyard: Wild level 20, southwest of Skeleton Training Ground and northeast of Varrock altar, Skeleton level 25. Iron Dagger, Steel Dagger.
Dark Warrior Encampment: Wild level 13 northwest of Edgeville. Level 21 dark warriors. Runes.
Ice Mountain: Wild level 40 west edge of wild. Ice Warriors level 67, Ice Giant level 68. Altar to the south.
Red Spider Village: Wild level 30, north of Hobgoblin training area. Level 36 Red Spiders. Inside are Steel Legs and a Gold Nugget. They take about five minutes to regenerate.
Bandit Outpost: Wild level 22 northwest of Edgeville. North of Dark Warrior encampment. Level 29 bandits.
Ghosts training ground: Wild level 17 northeast of Varrock after passage guarded by Giant. Ghosts level 25. Planks, Tiles, Steel Short Sword.
Skeleton training ground: Wild Level 25, north of Ghost training ground. Level 32 Skeletons. Crossbows, Iron Scimitar.
Lesser Demons: Wild level 42, eastern border of Wild. Level 79 lesser demons, Nature Runes.
Greater Demons: Wild level 45, north of the Lesser Demons, two level 87 Greater Demon.
Ashes Small House of Spiders: Wild level 45, east of the Greater Demons, two Giant Spiders level 31, Sapphire Cut.
Hobgoblin training area: Wild Level 30, northeast of Graveyard. Hobgoblins level 32, mining area, Goblin Armor.
Maze: Wild Level 40, northwest of the Hobgoblins, King Scorpions level 36, Black Knights level 46, Steel and Iron items.

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