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No-one usually listens to you when you try and sell your axe or armour. Your yellow writing is not noticed very much. No-one can hear you. Well what can you do about it? type in "@ran@ message" (replace message with anything you want) and your text will turn into a flashing rainbow, and everybody will see! Also try out all these different colors - @red@ @bla@ @blu@ @gre@ @whi@, try making up some of your own and see if they work. You can also change the color for each part of the text. For example if I wanted to say bronze battle axe for sale multicolored I would type this:@gre@ Bronze @bla@ battle @red@ axe @blu@ for @gre@ sale! If used at the right moments it can attract lots of attention!

More Text: If you type @mag@ u get a cool magnetic colour(light purple). If you type @cya@ you will talk in a light blue (they colour when players send pirvate messages to you). If you type @ran@ the letteres will flas together this is good for geting attention but lots of people know it. Less people will use @mag@ or @cya@.
Different coloured text list: To talk in a different coloured text, type @, then enter the first three letters of the color, then type another @, without spaces. For example, if you type @blu@, your text will appear blue.
Below is a list of colours and letters to use:
bla = Black, blu = Blue, cya = Cyan, dre = Dark red, gr1 = Green1, gr2 = Green2, gr3 = Green3, gre = Green, lre = Light Red, mag = Magenta, or1 = Orange1, or2 = Orange2, or3 = Orange3, ora = Orange, ran = Random, flashing text, red = Red, whi = White, yel = Yellow (normal colour).

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