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Gold Secrets - Where and How
One: GO down the sewers NORTH of varrock, run around fast, avoiding fights until you reach a ladder, just past the ghost. Go up the ladder and there will be a bear (who should leave you alone) and two piles of gold that keep reappearing! If you can be bothered that is, wait and collect as much of this beautiful stuff as you want, it takes time though...
Two: Computer controlled 'man' provide you with a nice sum of gold with every kill you get, once in Al Kharid i found 40 gold pieces after killing one man... hehehe! Varrok market place is another good place, the shop assistant will 'provide you with sum money'! Not too good a place though, Varrok is usually crowded but it is a good place to sell things and trick people!
Three: The BIG secret is simple, mine! Get your mining level as high as you possibly can! When you are good enough at smithing also make loads of weapons and armor and sell them to shops or people! You can make a huge sum of money when you are good enough, I will keep you all informed if i find a Mytheral or Adaminte mining site, I have no idea of these have been created though!

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