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Good player killing: Get your attack up to 40 so that you can hold Rune and get your defense up to 10. Next, get your strength as high as possible. You should be able to hit somewhere between 20 and 27.
Easier survival: To survive anywhere, bring a sleeping bag and when you get low on health, sleep in it. It will heal while you are sleeping and you cannot be attacked during that time.
Get skull without fighting skeleton: Tired of dying from fighting the skeleton to get the skull? All you have to do is get the skull before you start the restless ghost mission. The skull can be found in the dungeon of the wizard tower. After you get the skull talk to the Priest to start the quest, then you wont have to fight the skeleton.
Hidden mine: On the road to Varrok (the way to Stonehenge), you will notice a little opening on the wooden gates when you reach the entrance. Instead of going inside Varrok, go through the opening on the left gate (from behind you) and keep walking. There will be a mine that not many people use. The mine contains Iron, Silver, Tin, Copper, and Clay.
Secret mining pit: When you get skilled enough to mine coal and admanite, and do not feel like tangling with scorpions to get it, there is a perfectly safe mining field just outside of Lumbridge. Go to Lumbridge Swamp and move east. You will soon find an ocean. Keep close and go south. You will find the secret mining pit soon.

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Strong attacks: Get a full body of armor and use your defensive attack. The attack will do at least 5 damage. Note: The enemy will most likely drop nothing.
Combat levels, prayer levels, money, and good items: Get a Brass Key by any means necessary. You can find them far into the "dungeon/mines" of Edgeville. Go to the locked little house with a ladder leading down inside in between Varrok and the Barbarian Village. Use the Brass Key with the door providing access. Take the first turn to the left into a close room (with a gate) filled with giants (level 36). The giants give good experience, drop big bones (better for prayer than normal bones), money (up to 47 GP dropping at a time), and good items (steel and iron items, gems of all grades except for diamond, and all runes). Note: Bring a fly fishing rod and feathers to fish for some food when down there.
Raise Ranging and magic: Use Bronze Arrows or Mind Runes and Air Runes, which make Air Strike, to attack the people that are in jail in Port Sarim or the Wizards Tower at the top where the lesser demon is level 75 and locked up next to the level 43 mage. Note: The mage will attack you if you attack the lesser demon. Get Bark to make Bark Armor at the Magic Castle. This can cost more than 60,000 gp.
Cook's guild: To get into the Cooks guild, you will need a Chef's Hat and level 32 cooking. To get a Chef's Hat, kill goblins until you get one . To get your cooking to level 32, cook meat until you reach that level. Then, wear your Chef's Hat and travel northwest from Varrok to find the Cook's guild, or just look on the Runescape map.
Defeating hard level creatures: To defeat hard level creatures easier (for example, Lessers or Hellhounds), get behind a rock or other cover and shoot them. Note: This only works if you are a Mage or Archer.
Adamantite and Mithril Ores: Go to Lumbridge, then go to the back of the castle. You should eventually find a gate. Go around the gate, and at the far west just before the river, you should see a building. Just south of the building should be some mining rocks. Prospect the rocks until you see the rock that you are looking for (either Adamantite or Mithril). There are many other rocks there.
Air Runes: To get easy Air Runes, go to Karamja. Go behind Luthas's house. You will see three Air Runes there. Since they respawn fast, stay there and in thirty minutes you will have over 200.
Black Kites: Use the following trick to get Black Hatchets, Mediums, Maces, and Kites. If you want to get the Hatchets, Mediums, and Maces, go straight up from Edgeville to level 15 wilderness. There will be a castle here. Walk in and kill level 21 Dark Warriors until they drop these items. For Black Kites; go all the way west to the wilderness until you reach to a big open ocean. Go straight north until you see the level 60+ Ice Giants. Kill them to get Black Kites.
Blue Rune rock: Note: They are in wild about level 42. Go to the west side and north all way. Go east slightly to find red spiders guarding the only blue Rune Rock in the game.
Rune Rock: Go north from Falador and go past the mine. Keep going north until you find lava. Go left to the end of the lava, then go north past the Lesser Demons. After that, go right. You can only find it in wilderness at level 45. You will find the rune rocks, with Red Spiders guarding it. Note: The rock probably will have been mined already.
Rune Rock (2): The Blue Rune rock requires level 85 mining. Also, to make a rune item, the least smithing experience you need is level 85. Note: Mining Runite on a busy server is not recommended, as people might be waiting there to kill anyone who attempts to mine it.
Bronze Dagger: Go to Lumbridge Castle. When inside, turn to your left and go down the hall past the cooking place. In the last room, go up the ladder then find the room with the Duke Of Lumbridge. Enter that room and go to the table at the end of it. If you wait long enough, a bronze dagger will appear.
Liquid Armor: If you are a member, go to the impassable mountain range. Get into the fort first to get through, then keep moving. If desired, you can fight the level 110 Dragons. Keep moving and you will find Liquid Armor, which is stronger than Dragonite Armor (must have level 200 attack defense strength).
Red Spider Eggs: Go to Karajama Island. Go past the banana grove until you get to the scorpions. When you get there, go down the ladder and pass the skeletons. You will find red spider eggs. Note: You need to be at least over level 30.
Easter Egg: Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on Easter. Note: You will not always get an Easter Egg, but the higher level the monster, the higher the chance.
Santa Hat: Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on December 25.
Christmas Crackers: On December 25, kill monsters of any level and you might get Christmas Crackers. Note: The drops are random.
Easter Ears: To get Easter Ears, kill any monster on Easter.

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