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Goblins: These are one of the most common enemies in the game. They are usually found above ground on the outskirts of civilization. The un-armed goblins levels are roughly 2-3 for attack strength and defense, but a new player can disperse of him with some meat and a good weapon. The goblins with spears are a lot harder. Their levels are about 6-8 on attack strength and defence. Goblins don't drop much apart from their bones and a maximum of 5 gold pieces. You can though pick other items of their bodies, I once found a wooden shield, mug of beer, shortbow (you can sell this for 40 gold in the archery store), runes, and a medium bronze helmet (not all in one goblin!) but that is about all I have found. These goblins never retreat and can be found by wells, water holes, rivers, basically anywhere near water.
Hob Goblins: These are one of the hardest monsters in the game. The only place I know of where you find thse monsters are at the ends of the Ghost town Dungeons. They look like a larger Goblin. Their stats are around 20-25 on attack strength and defence, and have a lot of hit points, maybe even 40. They can drop a nice sum of gold, sometimes up to 30, but that is quite rare. Thy can drop steel daggers (very rare) which can be sold for up top 80 gold in a store. They can also drop Limpwurt root, (when used with spider eggs and given to the Apothery you make a strength potion). On very rare occasions they drop Air Staffs, but this does not happen frequently. When taken to the Staff shop you can sell them for hundreds of gold pieces. If you walk near a strong Hob-goblin they will attack you, so take care. If they are on the brink of death they will run!

Giants: Again, these are one of the hardest creatures and can only be found around the ends of the ghost town dungeons. They look like inflated men. They have little armour and only use their fists as a weapon. Their stats are about 25-30 attack strength and defence but they have not got many hit points so I find it easier to kill them than Hobgoblins! All the time now the dungeons where the Giants regenerate are crammed with high level warriors trying to train, so if you are carefull you can survive if you are a low level. They drop Limpwurt root, and there is a rare chance that they will drop a minimum of 60 gold, to a maximum of 120 gold! They are very aggressive and will fight if you go near one. They never retreat either.
Rats: These are also one of the easiest monsters to fight. You can find them in the back streets of Varrok, the village west of Varrok and down at the beginning of the Varrok sewers. They drop meat usually and that's all they drop. Their levels I think will never be above 1 or 2, and I only attack them for the food. They are not aggressive and don't usually retreat. Good for bringing levels up for beginning players! They are blue colored, and surprisingly say 'rat' when you examine them.
Giant Rats: These rats look like inflated little rats. You can find them on the way to the hermits house, the back-streets of Varrok and the beginning of the Varrok sewers. They sometimes drop meat and are aggressive. They never retreat. Their levels I think are about 4-5 on attack strength and defence. Good level builders for beginners.
Skeletons: These are relatively dangerous creatures but are not aggressive. They look like a pile of bones walking around surprisingly. You can find them in the Wizards tower, Varrok sewers and at the Ghost town dungeon (at the start). Their levels are about 10 on attack strength and defence. They do drop gold but the most I picked up is about 10-15. These guys will fight to the death when attacked.
Armed Skeletons: They are not called this because they have an extra pair of arms, but because they have a weapon and a shield. A picture of them can be found on our main runescape page. They basically look like skeletons but with a weapon. I predict that their levels are about 15 on attack strength and defence. They are aggressive and can be found in the Varrok sewers or the ghost town dungeons. They drop Iron weapons, shields and up to 20 gold pieces. They always fight to the death and will chases you for a bit.
Spiders: Another very easy monster, with its stats about 1 on attack strength and defence. They look like orange flat things. They have 2 hit points about, and drop nothing apart from their bones. They can be found just about anywhere above ground!
Giant Spiders: These look like massive giant orange flat things, and you can find them on the river banks near Lumbridge castle. They have about 5 hit points and its stats about about 3. They can be aggressive and they retreat.
Red Spiders: These spiders drop rare red spider eggs If you take them to the apothery with limpwurt root he will make it into a strength potion. This spiders stats are around 30. He has about this many hit points too. You cn only find these at the end of Varrok sewers. They are agressive and fight to the death! It is best leave them alone.
Zombies: You can find these in all dungeons. Their stats are around 10-13 on attack strength and defence. They drop up to 10 gold and sometimes a few bronze weapons. They are aggresive and dont fight to the death usually. They will run of low on hit points! They look like tramps with their arms stuck out. They have a weird way of attacking too.
Armed Zombies: These look like Zombies but with axes. They drop weapons, gold and other stuff for you too sell. They are quite dangerous and should be avoided. Their stas are about 16-20 attack strength and defence. They are aggresive but will retreat if low on hit points. You can find them at the ends of ghost town dungeons. Try to avoid these if you can!
Giant Scorpions: These can be found in the Varrok sewers and in the mining chasm on the way to Al-Kharid. Their stats are about 10-13 on attack strength and defence. They are fast swawning and aggresive, but will run if they are low on hit points. The only things they leave you are their bones. If you re new try to avoid them. Good for mid-level level building. They are big and orange.
Unicorns: These white hoarse like things walk round most forests above ground. Their stas are about 13-15, and have about 15 hit points. They are not aggressive and retreat as often as they can! They never drop anything apart from a few rubbish bones.
Bears: These can be found in most forests, and in the opening in the Varrok sewer with the re-spawning gold. They are non aggressive. Their stats are about 12-14. They have about 15 hit points as well. They are huge, and brown. The only thing they drop is some fur, meat and bones. You can sell the fur to Barrek in Vorrok market for about 10 gold.
Ghosts: These can be found in most dark areas, including Varrok sewers. They are dangerous, stats about 15. They are very aggressive, it is best to avoid them. They usually don't drop anything. They are dressed in blue and green and float about.
Foliage: The only foliage that hurts you are the trees in the grounds or Draynor mannor. They usually dont get to hit you, the combat only lasts one round. Stay on the paths and you will be okay. You can cut these trees down, but it is quite difficult.
Imps: They can be found in the following locations: 1.Farmhouse northwest of Lumbridge. 2.Northwest of wizard tower dock along the shore. 3.Lumbridge Castle courtyard. 4.Halfway between farm north of umbridge and Varrock/Chasm (scorpion pit) junction. 5.Near start of dock to wizard tower. 6.Entrance to chasm. 7.Near champion's guild. 8.Near entrance to pheonix gang hideout. size="4" 9.In middle of western ghost town. size="4" 10.West of Varrock castle inside the grounds. (ust go around the castle to reach) 11.By ladder down to sewer. 12.Just north of the blackarm gang hideout. They look like small Delriths! They are small and red, and very hard to catch. They either drop red yellow black or white beads, which are used for quests. See quest guide for how to do quest. They are weak and retreat often. They are not aggressive.
Delrith: South of Varrok is a huge Stone circle, guarded by dark wizards, some of who have beards. In the middle of the stone circle is a huge Demon called Delrith. You can only attack him if you do the quest. He is big and red. To start the quest talk to the gypsy. See quest guide. His stats are around 20 attack strength and defence. As far as I know the Demon does not drop anything. It is not possible to attack him without doing the quest. He is not aggressive. He will not retreat from combat when almost dead.
Demon: This Demon is locked in a large cage at the top of Wizards tower. He looks the same as Delrith, big, red and stupid. The only way you can kill him is with some spells or archerywith bows or crossbows. His stats are the same as Delriths, and he does not drop anything. He can't attack you when he is in your cage. This is an excellent place to practise magic and ranged attack.
Vampire: This monster is located at the bottom of Draynor mannor. He looks like a typical Vampire, black cape and big fangs. Once you have killed him he is gone forever for that character. His stats are around 30 on attack strength and defence. If you have garlic in your inventory he immediately loses 10 hit points. See quest guide for more information
Moss Giant: This is one of the most deadly enemies you can come across. He is located at the end of the Varrok sewers. It is a good idea to take a friend magician or Archer with you to help defeat these monsters. Also remember to take cooked meat with you! He has well over 60 hit points and his stats are about 40 attack strength and defence. When killed he can drop lots of times for you to pick up, including: Steel square shield, Fire staff, large iron helmet, 80-125 gold pieces, bronze 2 handed sword, long iron sword or a steel bar! Best avoid them if you can.....
Guard: These guys hang around Varrok. They are very common in Varroks bank, to guard people withdrawing large amounts of money. Their stats are about 17, and have about 20 hit points. They drop very little, and are not aggressive. They always fight to the death! If you attack someone, the guard will shout out, 'hey no fighting in Varrok' and will attack the person who started the fight. This is a good opportunity to run if you were under attack. Though I've seen high levels killing guards in three blows, so that doesn't give you much time to run! They wear chain mail of some type and fight with their fists.
Warrior: These people are found in Al-Kharid guarding something. Their stats are about 14 attack strength and defence. They drop up to 10 gold, iron daggers, arrows and even some runes when they are killed. They also fight to the death and are not aggressive. They look like lightly armoured men with swords. Good level builders for mid level people. You can kill these guys if they are orange to you.
Witch: This Witch is found south of Al-Kharid. They drop very little, are non-aggressive. They can also be found in Draynor Manor, they're level 25 but are weak since they don't use magic, and can probably be beaten by anyone who could beat a dwarf or barbarian.
Thief: You find these people in Varrok, by the archery store and in the back-streets of Varrok. They usually don't attack you unless you are weak or low level. They have stats of about 13, and have little armour and no weapon. The only things I have picked off them is 10 gold. Best to avoid them. They also run if low on hit points.
Smuggler: These are the most suicidal people I have ever come across. A new player can easily dispatch of them. They retreat quite often and only give you a few gold when killed. Their stats are about 2 attack strength and defense. Good extremely low level building up for people who started out as Wizards. They look dumb. You can find them in the back-streets of Varrok or south west of Varrok by the mining area.
Man: Harmless enemies who mingle around aimlessly. No armour or weapon makes them an easy kill for everybody! They are found wandering around anywhere above ground. The only things I have gained from killing them are a medium bronze helmet for some reason, and once I picked 40 gold off one! That is very rare though. Good level builders.
Dark Wizard: These guys are dressed in black robes and have a fluffy black beard. They are extremely dangerous, stats about 17. You can only find them around the stone circle by Delrith. They are very aggressive and don't retreat. They will chase you for a while if you run as well. They drop black robes, hats, up to 20 coins and lots of runes. This is a good place to pick loads of runes up for your magic or for sale. You either get 7 or 12 runes of two types from each body.
Highway man: Easy enemies who drop black cloaks. You can find these guys south of Draynor mannor.
Wizards: The most common place for these people are in the Wizards tower. They are dressed in blue with a blue hat. Their stats are around 10 and are not aggressive. They sometimes run away from combat when attacked. When killed they drop their smart blue hat and robes. If you are lucky you might see one with a white beard!
Shaven Dark Wizard: These are also found at the stone circle guarding Delrith. They are more common and are slightly weaker than their bearded brothers. They drop a few runes, (either 3 or eight) and they drop cloaks and hats. They also drop a rubbish staff.
Barbarion: These are the common folk of the Barbarion village. They have blond beards and wear medium iron helmets. Their stats are around 10 attack strength and defence. Good level builders. They are not aggressive and drop a few items such as, fur, up to 20 gold pieces, bronze axes and sometimes iron maces. A difficult opponent for a weak person.
Gunther the Brave: This brave man is the leader of the Barbarions. His stats are about 27, and is very dangerous. He wanders round the main square of the village. He is not aggressive and like his minions does not run from combat. He drops up to 20 gold, a rune or two and an iron mace.
Black Knight: Again, one of the most dangerous creatures in Ruenscape. Their stats are around 40 attack strength and defence. They are dressed in all black armor, but do not drop it when killed. You can find these guys in the jolly boar inn, north of Varrok or by the Wizards tower. They can on some occasions drop up to 60 gold! The best thing this person drops is a steel bar, and some low iron or bronze weaponry. Not worth attacking yet.
Camel: Andrew once said that: "Camels will eventually allow more carrying space Date: 11-Feb-2001 12:48 But don't hold your breath, it will be complicated to add, and there's lots of other stuff coming first :-)"You can find them in the desert plains by Al-kharid, and they don't do anything, and you can't attack them.
Chicken: Most commonly found by the farm, anyone can kill them. They lay eggs, and supply you with meat when killed. They regenerate very fast. They only have about 4 hit points and can hurt you a bit if you are low level.
Cow: If you use a bucket with a cow then you will get milk.
Sheep: If you use shears with them you get wool. Used for quest, see quest guide. Not the most exciting of creatures. Maybe something will be done to them later on in the game.

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