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One: Talk to the priest in the church in Lumbridge. Then, go to the bottom of the Lumbridge swamps and find another priest, in a hut. He will give you a Ghostspeak Amulet. Go back to Lumbridge to the graveyard. You will find the ghost there. Talk to him. He will say that his skull was stolen by a wizard. Look at his body and notice that he has no head. Then, go to the basement of the Wizards Tower and get his skull. Go back to the ghost and he will reward you five or six Prayer points.
Two: Use the following trick to increase your prayer points. Gather bones off the floor and bury them to get experience in the Pray area. If you continue to do this, your Prayer points will be high enough to increase your strength or other stats. It is also good to put everything (including armor) you have in the bank. Then, go around picking up and burying bones when you cannot carry any more. There is a chicken farm near the starting point. Go northeast from the starting point to find the bridge. Cross the bridge and head north to find the chicken farm.

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