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Method 40: You can fish to make money. It is hard work getting your level up to the right one. Start by fishing Shrimp and Anchovies until you have level 35 Fishing. While doing that, just let Shrimps overflow your inventory because you do not get much money for them. Once you have level 35 Fishing, start to harpoon Tuna at Karajma. The best place to buy a Harpoon is at the fishing shop in Port Sarim. You can sell Tuna for 30 gp. Even though you can sell Tuna for 40 gp at the general store, the price goes down depending on how much Tuna is in the shop. Once you have level 40 Fishing, start to fish Lobsters and sell them for 50 gp each.
Method 41: Exit Varrock from the sword and general store road. If you are leaving, go to your left and there will be a hill with level 7s and 20s opponents. Get a crossbow, bow (recommended), regular weapon, or staff. Attack whatever level person you are comfortable with. They will drop Bones and money. Frequently, they will also drop Natures or other Runes. Take the Bones and bury them. Take the Runes and sell them to people on the hill.
Method 42: Get your mining (mine lots of iron), smithing (smelt and smith the iron), and crafting (get cow hides in the field by Lumbridge, put it in the bank and when you get around 500, tan them and make them into the best leather item you can) up to 
level 40. Then, go to the Crafting Guild (north of Remington) at a time when there are not many people playing. You will need a Brown Apron and bring a Pick (Adamanite or Rune recommended).Mine the gold ores then deposit them at the Eastern Falador bank. Then, go back and mine. When you have 200 to 250 ores, smelt them and make them into necklaces. If you have gems, you can make an amulet out of it. Sell the necklaces ten at a time at a general store (when they are out of stock of necklaces) for 1195 gp. Plain amulets are only worth about 800 gp for ten, unless it is a gem amulet. If you had 250 gold ores, you will now have about 240,000 coins. Repeat this as many times as desired.

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Method 43: Mine silver until you have a full inventory. If you want to get more, deposit your sword or weapon into the bank and withdraw your pick axe and wield it. You can get 100 gp if you can smelt the silver. If you cannot, you will get about 60 gp.
Method 44: You must be a member for this trick. Do the Lost City quest, then go to Lumbridge Mine. There is a lot of coal here. Wield a Dramen Staff, which allows you to enter the lost city when you complete the quest. Mine 27 coal then go into the lost city. Put the coal in your bank!. You can take it out later and sell it for 200 gp per coal.
Method 45: Go to Lumbridge. Go to the general store then go behind it. Walk east until you see a brown path. Follow it southeast until you see a house. In your mini-map you should see a dungeon mark. Go to the mark and you should find a locked trap door. Pick the lock (members only) and go inside. You must have level 15 to 20 Thieving. Pickpocket people and sell the items.
Method 46: Go the Al-Kharid mine on the correct day. Between 50 to 60 people will die and you can pick up their items.
Method 47: Buy Grey Wolf Fur from the fancy dresser in Varrock for 64 gp. Then, sell it to Baerek in Varrock Center for 120 gp for a a 56 gp profit.
Method 48: If you are at least level 27 and have a Brass Key, go to the little cabin in Varrok. Use the key to get in, then go into the cellar. There will be zombies and giants. Kill the giants and they drop things such as Iron, Full Helmets, Longswords, and Steel War Axes. They also drop Big Bones that sell for 250 gp each, and also help your prayer points a lot. They also drop runes and 30 to 300 gp.
Method 49: Go to the coal deposit south of Lumbridge. Keep mining coal and depositing it in the Draynor Bank. When you have about 500 coal, sell 100 for 10,000 gp. Keep doing this until you have 50,000 gp. You can also try this trick with iron.
Method 50: Get your mining level up get at least level 15. Then, mine 1,000 Iron Ore sell it for 100 gp. Then, get into gold ore and mine 1,000. Sell it for 300,000 gp. Then, mine Mithril Ore. Mine 1,000 of it and sell them for 400,000 gp. Next, mine 1,000 Addy Ore and sell it for 700,000 gp. Mine 1,000 Runite Ore and sell it for 1,000,000 gp.
Method 51: Level 50 Mining and level 30 Smithing is recommended for this trick. If you are a member, get a Ring Of Dueling. Teleport to Castle Wars and go north until you get to coal trucks. Mine 400 Coal. Teleport to Al Kharid using your Ring Of Dueling and go north to the Chasm mine. Mine 200 Iron there. Smith them into 200 Steel Bars. Go the Falador east bank and sell the Steel Bars. You should get about 110,000 gold.
Method 52: If you are a member, you can use the Pickpocket skill to steal money from a person. Try it on people you can pickpocket.
Method 53: Collect Runes and go into the wilderness. Find magic people who are in desperate need of Runes, and sell them for high prices.
Method 54: Enter the house in Rimmington where there are two people. Downstairs is a respawning pick axe, and upstairs on the table is a respawning scimitar. Sell them to the shop across the well.
Method 55: First, get level 41 mining and do Rune Mysteries quest. Mine 1,00 Ess, and sell them for 35 gp each. Buy a Rune Pick, then mine Iron. Mine 15,000 Iron Ores. With the Rune Pick this will require a few days. Sell each Iron Ore for 75 gp each, and get 1,125,000 gp. Buy 22,500 Iron Ores for 50 gp each. Be firm with the prices. Sell all the Iron Ores for 150 gp each, and get 3,375,000 gp.
Method 56: Use the following trick to get extra money in trades. Trade at the Rune Essence. The players there are very rich and will pay more money for your items. You can sometimes get twice as much money as you would usually get for an item.
Method 57: The following trick can be used by non-members. As soon as you start, go to a chicken coop. Kill chickens and sell Feathers for 5 gp each. This should be easy, as lots of members buy Feathers in non-member worlds. Do this until your characters is about level 20 combat. At that level, you should have a good starting amount of money. Buy Fish Bait from a fishing shop and fish until reaching level 40 fishing. Keep all the fish. At level 40 fishing, take a break from it. For mining, you should still have a decent amount of money from the Feathers. Buy an Iron, Steel, and Mithril Pick and mine Tin and Copper until you reach level 20 mining. Keep all the ore, fish, or anything else you can collect. At level 20 mining, mine Iron until reaching level 40. Then, go back to fishing. Fish lobsters with your level 40 fishing until you get bored. You now have a choice. You can cook all your food and use or sell the raw/cooked food. If you do not sell, get your combat to level 40 to 60 and kill Giants or Moss Giants for Big Bones and items which may sell well. After this you may be bored of combat -- go to smithing. If you want use your ore to smith, you can make a lot of money in the long run. Raw Shrimp sells for 1 gp; you are better off selling to stores. Cooked shrimp also sells for 1 gp; they are best used for low level food. Tin and copper ore sell for 10gp each. Iron sells for 50 to 100gp. Coal (done at level 40 mining) sells for 100 to 200 gp. Trout sells for 20 gp. Salmon sells for 30 gp. Raw lobsters sell for 180 to 250 gp. Cooked lobsters sells for 200 to 230 gp. People usually buy raw lobsters more because of cooking experience, but cooked lobsters sell more often.

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