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Method 1: Go to Rimmington, then go to the room where two logs respawn. Go in it, close the door, then wait until the little level 2 rats respawn there. Kill them until you reach level 5, then go back to Lumbridge. Go to the room with goblins in it. Close the door and wait until they respawn. Kill them and level up to about level 10. Then, go to Varrok and kill any level 9 men and level 10 muggers until you level up five more times. Then, go to the Wizard Tower to level up to level 20. Continue with the higher five levels each time until you are at level 40.
Method 2: An easy way to level up in your ranger level is to go to Port Sarim. Go inside the jail. Note: You will not be able to get your undamaged arrows again -- bring a lot of them. Shoot at the goblin first until you gain some levels, then kill the mugger followed by the thief, black knight, and other prisoners. You will level quickly. Another place of interest for rangers is the wizard tower. Go down the stairs until you cannot proceed further. Look for the lesser daemon that is caged up. Note: Once again, you cannot get your arrows back. Also, beware of the level 25 dark wizard with a beard who will attack you.

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Method 3: You can level your attack level (not strength) up to 8 at the Varrok training center (the one with five dummies in it) next to the east smithing area.
Method 4: Go to the hut in which you talk to the ancient Gnome. Attack the level 47 Jungle Spiders. These give more experience than level 56 Knights or level 79 Lessers.
Method 5: A good training location is the third floor in the black knight castle. There are non-aggressive black knights respawning there, and an Altar. To get in, first make sure you have a medium Bronze Helmet and an Iron Chain Mail. Then, go to world one and enter the fortress. Go through both doors so that you are in the black knight meeting hall. It has three long tables. Then, go through the door (not the one you just came in from). The reason this is done in world one is because people are attacking the black knights and they will not stop you from going in the door. Once you get through the door, log out and go to a less crowded world. Then, go up the stairs to the second floor, then up the ladder to the third floor. If you have a high enough Pray level, put on Rapid Heal; whenever you are low on Pray points recharge at the altar. Another benefit of training here is that if you are very low on HP and do not have food, leave and to the monastery; then repeat the process to get back in.
Method 6: An easy way to get your attack to any desired level is at Varrock. Go to the dummies by the museum. Hit the dummies until your attack level is 8. Once at 8, you will no longer be allowed to hit the dummies. Drink beer until your attack is 0 then keep hitting the dummies. Once your attack returns to 8 or more, repeat by drinking the beer. Note: The dummies only give 5 experience points for every hit.
Method 7: Go to Falador and get a Sleeping Bag, any kind of Pickaxe, and a Hammer. Go north to the mine. Stay there until you are satisfied with your mining level. Then go to Falador and smelt the ore. Go to Doric's house and smith the ore. Repeat this to gain higher mining and smithing levels.
Method 8: For faster fletching levels (members only), go to the Gnome stronghold and cut oak trees. Oaks can be cut very fast. Make oak long bows, but do not string them. You will gain wood cutting and fletching experience quickly. Then, sell the bows to the general store for 8 gp each. You should get about 1,000 gp for every three to four hundred bows.
Method 9: A easy way to make money is to mine, smith, and cut trees like yews. Train all three of those skills to make hundreds of thousands with a level 3 character.
Method 10: This trick is for members only. Do the Plague City and Biohazard quests. After finishing the Biohazard quest, you can use King Lutha's training grounds. To attack the ogres there you must get a halberd, range, or mage. With the halberd you can gain lots of combat levels in about an hour.
Method 11: You cannot die on the Tutorial Island. You will go down to one health, but you will not die. Stay down there to get your stats up to level 3.
Method 12: Go to Goblin Village (north of Falador) and go to a world with almost nobody in it (try when at night). Kill the Goblins to gain levels. Also, to win, use attack levels: accurate or controlled; strength levels: aggressive; and defense levels: defensive block.
Method 13: If you are a member, go to Seers village (west of White Wolf Mountain). Below the checkered room will be a field of Flax (the west field). Pick Flax and put it in your bank in Seers Village. Repeat this until you have about 500 to 1,000 Flax. You can sell Flax in that bank for 100 gp. If you want more money (with 12 Crafting), there are two buildings below and to the left of the bank. Take the Flax to the top floor of the southern building and use the spinning wheel. Spin the Flax into Bow Strings and sell them for 150 to 200 gp. You will also get a some crafting experience for spinning flax.

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