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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
Also known as: Irregular Hunter X (Japan)
Alt. name(s): MegaMan Maverick Hunter X

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How to play as Vile:
To do this you need to successfully complete the game as X.
How to get the alternate title screen: To get this you need to successfully complete the game.
How to unlock the Megaman X anime movie: To do this you need to successfully complete the game as X.

Location of the Leg Capsule:
Flame Mammoth's stage; in a small room which can be accessed by jumping up the left side of a wall after falling through the first long fall.
Location of the Head Capsule: Chill Penguin's stage; beyond blocks that must be kicked by using the Leg Upgrade. The blocks are found on the right side of a wall in the base.
Location of the Body Capsule: Storm Eagle's stage; beyond blocks that must be broken with the Head Upgrade. It is after the thin tower that you climb.
Location of the Buster Capsule: Sting Chameleon's stage; after climbing up a cliff in the beginning of the level. The Dash Upgrade is needed. Just destroy the green robot.

After you have all tanks and life expansions with Mega Man, enter the Armored Armadillo stage five times until the end. In the fifth time, when you are in the cart that jumps and leads to the Boss door, jump to the ledge. You will find a capsule with Doctor Light and the Hadouken Street Fighter style

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