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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Alt. name(s): GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA LCS, GTALCS
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The Staunton Island: Ride through wall game glitch: In the Rockford area, directly beside the hospital is a construction site. Get a PCJ 600 and ride it to the red bar at the construction site's entrance and break it. Then, back up and then go fast as possible. Ramp up the dirt pile inside the construction site. Once you are on the first roof, jump over to the second roof while still on your bike. Then, go to the wall to your right and ride slowly into it. Note: You may need to do this more than once. If done correctly, you should fall into the wall. When you are done falling, you will be in the unfinished tunnels below. The only way to get exit is to die.
The change size of the moon game glitch: Use a sniper rifle to look at the moon. Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle to make it increase in size. Repeat this to make it grow larger until it returns to its original size.
The exceed garage limit game glitch: With a motorcycle, park it against the garage door. Jump off, and after the garage door opens, quickly press Triangle to get back on and press X to drive it in before the door closes again. With a car, keep pushing it towards the garage door until it opens, then keep pushing it until it is inside.
The no bike sound game glitch: When you steal a bike and the radio is on, there will be no noise from the bike when you go. Note: This only works if you drive really fast. Once you brake, the radio plays.
The drive destroyed car game glitch: Find an automobile with a driver in it. Press Triangle to get in the car and immediately enable the "Destroy all cars" code. If done correctly, you should be in the automobile, but it will be on fire. Enable the "Full health" code to put the fire out. You can now do things like in a normal car. If you take it to a Pay N Spray, the abutomobile will be fixed but still look burned.
The exploded car on water game glitch: Enable the "Drive on water" and "Chrome traffic" codes. Get a car, then get a prostitute inside it (pull up besides her and beep). Without crashing, drive full speed into the water. It will look like the car has exploded, but you can still drive it. Note: If you wait long enough in the water, the woman will get naughty and make rude remarks.
The car stuck on bridge game glitch: When you are driving on the bridge that connects Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale, you can get someone's car stuck in the bridge. To do this, wait until the bridge is up. Then, bump someone's car about half-way on the bridge with it halfway hanging over the edge. When the middle section of the bridge comes back down, that car should get stuck and have half of it sticking out of the bridge.
The bleeding vehicles game glitch: While using the normal shotgun, walk directly up to a Rhino. Use manual aim and fire directly into the Rhino. It will spurt blood as if it were a person. This can also be done with other cars and objects, but is best when the Rhino is the target, because it will not explode in your face. Try doing this at the airport so you do not get a wanted level. Note: The blood only spurts when you fire from certain angles; down and to the right slightly works the best, and you must be directly up against the tank and use manual aim to do it.

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