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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Alt. name(s): GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA LCS, GTALCS
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How to get to other areas early: To reach Staunton Island early, enable the "Drive on water" code and go to the Calahan bridge. Drive off the bridge and into the water then go to the docks. Drive your car onto the docks. Make sure it is not a nice car, as you cannot take it with you. You are now on Stanton Island. This also works for Liberty City.
How to get free shotgun and ammo:
Find a cop car to get a free shotgun or bullets for it.
Motorcycle passenger: Use a vehicle to ram a motorcycle with two people sitting on it. Make sure you hit them hard enough so that they both fly off the bike. Then, get on the bike and shoot the driver (and not the back passenger). If done correctly, the remaining passenger will hop back on the bike and sit behind you as you drive around. It should be noted that you will not be able to bail from the bike while moving, as the back passenger blocks you from being able to jump off. To get rid of the passenger, simply get off the bike and shoot him or her.
How to get big air: To catch air off any car, enable the "Change motorcycle tire size" code, and use any bike to fly over cars.
How to get big air (2): Go at maximum speed on a PCJ-600 on the wrong side of the road. When you see a Banshee, drive directly into it .It works better with a Sanchez.
Hints for the FBI car: Get a five star wanted level. FBI cars will appear. As soon as you see one, enable the "Wanted level disabled" code and quickly get in an FBI before it leaves. When you are driving the FBI car, turn on the siren. All of the other cars will move out of the way. It also has good speed and handling.
Assassins: After you pass the "No Son Of Mine" mission, Ma puts a "hit" on you. When a assassin tries to attack, do not run away. You can kill him easily. He should be carrying money, body armor, and a nice gun.
How to get a good citizen bonus:
Occasionally you will see a cop chasing someone down the sidewalk. If you run up to the person being chased and punch him, you will get a $50 Good Citizen Bonus. Make sure to only punch him once; if you continue and kill the person, the cop will want to fight you.
How to make it snow: To change the weather to snow, find the auto shop in Portland. Start the car dealership missions where you must sell cars to people by doing what they want. If you manage to reach level 9, it will start snowing to make it more difficult to drive in. Note: This weather does not last all the time.
How to get unlimited shotgun ammo: Stand outside the Ammu-Nation store and target the man behind the counter. Kill him, then take his shotgun and drive away a few blocks. Return to the store, and he will have respawned with another shotgun, which you can once again take from him.
How to get a chrome plated bat: Enter the Chrome traffic cheat code, then pick up a bat at your Portland safe house.
How to get free items: In the beginning of the game you can buy anything desired. During one of the first missions you must go to Ammu-Nation. Select the a pistol and you will not be charged. You can also go to the Pay N Spray for free the first few times.
How to run longer: Instead of holding X to run, repeatedly tap it.
How to get easier mission completion: When you get to the point where you can do missions for Ma Cipriani ("C" on the map), do not continue them until they are your only option. After Ma's "No Son Of Mine" mission, she will send hit men after you. They will continue to appear until they are all killed, making future missions more difficult to complete.
How to play in Italian: Set your system language to Italian. Start the game. The game menus, messages, mission briefs, and even some car names (Police, Ambulance, etc.) and places (Francis Intl. Airport, etc.) have been changed to Italian. However, it is not spoken, but the subtitles will be in Italian. Note: This does not work with any other language.

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