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GTA San Andreas Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto SA, GTA SA, GTASA 
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Paramedic missions bonus:
Steal an ambulance and press R3. Complete level 12 to get a health limit of 150.
Pimping missions bonus: Steal the pimp convertible in the car wash parking lot near the Pay N' Spray and press R3. Complete 10 missions to get money from prostitutes instead of paying them.
Taxi missions bonus: Steal a taxi and press R3. After a total of 50 successful fares, you will unlock hydraulics and nitrous on all taxi-class vehicles. Press L3 to jump whenever needed. Press the L1 or Circle while driving normally to use nitrous. After using nitrous, you must wait awhile between shots. However, that time decreases as your driving skill increases.
Fire truck missions bonus: Steal a fire truck and press R3. Reach level 12 of the fire truck missions to make CJ fireproof.
Truck missions bonus: Steal a truck and press R3. Reach level 8 of the trucking missions to unlock RS Haul as a property.
Vigilante missions bonus: Steal any policy vehicle and press R3. Reach level 12 of the vigilante missions to get an armor limit of 150.
Freight Train missions bonus: Complete level 2 of the Freight Train missions to get $50,000 and free train rides.
Easy completion of Paramedic missions: Go Angel Pine, which is located in southeast area of the main map. In the northeast part of Angel Pine is a medical building with an Ambulance next to it. Get in it and start the missions. All the victims will appear in the city, which is very small. The farthest person will only be about ten seconds away from the drop off point. You can complete the missions in less then ten minutes by doing this. Also, the cops do not appear very often, allowing your wanted level to remain low.
Easy completion of Paramedic missions (2): Do this Paramedic mission in the Angel Pine area. Press R3 to start the missions. All injured people that must be taken to the hospital will be in the crowded town. Unlike the fire truck missions if done in this town, this mission has all the people in one place. Once you complete this mission, you will your health increased to 150. This is a also very good reward because you can jump from the highest place in the game without dying from the fall. Note: If you have the parachute in your inventory, you will die.
Easy completion of fire truck missions: Bring a fire truck from another location into Angel Pine, then press R3 to start the mission. This should be easier than doing it in Los Santos, San Fierro, the desert, or Las Venturas. When you do it at this location, and you are stuck on a cliff that you cannot get up (for example, if the burning car is on the freeway), take your time by taking the long way. You should only use this method if you have at least three minutes or more time remaining. Note: All fires will not always appear in Angel Pine, as they may also happen in Whetstone or other nearby places. Although this sounds difficult, there are not that many roads near the Angel Pine area which actually makes it easier to complete. If the fire truck gets severely damaged, enable the 'Health' code.
Easy completion of Vigilante missions: To pass the vigilante missions easier, use the Rhino.
Easy completion of Vigilante missions (2): Start the mission, put the vehicle in your garage, and exit so that the door closes. Enable the 'Destroy all cars' code. The criminals will be killed. Run back to the garage, hop in the car, and repeat. This is also a good way to quickly gain more money and status points.
Easy completion of Vigilante missions (3): Steal any law enforcement vehicle and enable the 'Vehicle of death' code. If you enter the cheat code in the vehicle, you must get out of the car then get back in or the car will not resist damage, but will blow up anything it touches, and result in your car eventually exploding. After this, press R3 and go at a slow speed (about 5 to 15 mph) and enable the 'Destroy all cars' code. Note: if you go too slow or too fast, CJ will exit the car, making your vehicle blow up as well when you complete code entry. The enemy should blow up no matter where he is and result in a 'Threat Eliminated' message and give you the reward money. Note: After level 26 is reached, your car becomes more explosion prone, as the 'Vehicle of death' code eventually wears off.
Easy completion of Vigilante missions (4): Get an FBI Rancher and drive onto the Julius Thruway in Las Venturas. Start Vigilante mode and begin driving around the highway. Just stay on the highway, and you will notice that the criminals start dying for no apparent reason. Just drive for about twenty minutes to get the 150 armor award easily.
Easy completion of Vigilante missions (5): Get a cop car, then park near a Cluck N' Bell. While in the car, start the mission. Get out of your car and run into the Cluck N' Bell. Run around until you hear the beep that indicates someone has died. For the first one to four levels, there is only one beep. After that, there are multiple targets; you must return to your car after every beep.
Increase respect, money, driving skill and armor in vigilante missions: Enable the 'Spawn Rhino tank' code and use it for the Vigilante missions. When you reach level 12, your armor will increase to 150. Each time you kill a group of criminals, you will get money (on level 20 and over you will be winning $50,000 or more). If you get a wanted level, do not cheat to lower it. As police ram you, they will explode and your respect will increase. All the driving that you will do increases your driving skill somewhat.
Burglary missions: In the Ganton area of Los Santos, go towards the gym that is just a block south of the Binco store and the bar. Across the street from the gym and to the south, you should see a van parked next to a house. It is a boxcar. After 20:00, jump in and you can go on burglary missions until sunrise.
Burglary missions (2): Go to CJ's garage in San Fierro. Look behind it, and there should be a construction site. Behind the structures of broken down buildings in front of you, there should be an abandoned building with a lop-sided sign that reads 'Harry Plumbs' just north of the 'Turning Tricks Advanced Driving School'. Look to the right of that building to find an alleyway. Walk into the alleyway and look to the right. There should be a black van parked there. Get in sometime before 20:00 and find a nice house you think will make a nice profit. Wait until 20:00, then press R3. You can now do burglary missions until 06:00. Note: When dropping off the cargo, you will return to the garage next to the alleyway that you found the van at.
Burglary missions (3): To commit burglaries in San Fierro, go to the Doherty area. Go to the building that has a big sign board, reading 'Hairy Plumbs'. It is opposite the driving school. Go around the back of the building to find the van.
Burglary missions (4): Steal any burglary van you know of, and travel to any city of your choice. Proceed as usual, and after you have steak the goods, a yellow blip will appear on your map. Pause game play and look at the map. You will see that the blip has jumped from the city you stole the van in, to the city you are currently at. For example, if you steal the van in Los Santos and go to Las Venturas and trigger the burglary missions, the yellow blip will appear in las Venturas, close behind 'The Camel's Toe' Casino.
Unlimited time in burglary missions: Enable the 'Always 21:00' code, then find the van.
Freight Train missions: After you complete the game, you can roam anywhere. As an added bonus, you can steal a train. If you press R3 while on the train, a freight train mission will start. You must drive to a train stop and deliver the freight. Be careful not to go too fast or you will derail. The easiest way to avoid derailment is go as fast as you can. However, if your controller starts to vibrate, release X.
Easier completion of Driving School missions: For the Burn And Lap part of the Driving School, enable the 'Perfect handling' code. You just have to take it easy on the turns or you will flip.
Import - Export mission Fun with the crane: Enter the crane by pressing Triangle. Position the crane to pick up the car. When the car is hooked up, step out of the crane by pressing Triangle. Jump in the car and go for a spin. You should be still attached to the crane.
Easier passenger missions: For missions involving picking up passengers, such as the taxi or paramedic missions, you can save seconds off each run by getting passengers into your vehicle faster. Do this by using a melee weapon, such as a baseball bat, to hit the doors until they fall off. Do not hit the door too many times to prevent damage to the vehicle itself. Also, do not knock off the driver side door, as this will provide you with protection from the police that want to bust you.
Easier race missions: Before you enter a race, enable the 'Cars float away' code. During the countdown, start entering the 'Pedestrians riot' code, but do not press the final button until they take off. Run over all the racers and ram their cars.
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