Sony Playstation2 Games
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Reason 1: The page contained good information but did not contain the game title or information I needed. 
Reason 2:
The page contained cheats but I do not understand how to enable them. 
Reason 3:
The page did not contain any information at all and therefore was very unhelpful. 
Reason 4:
I'm not looking for hints and guides.. I WANT CHEATS! 
Reason 5:
  The cheats do not work, they are fake! FIX THEM! 
Reason 6: The link to walkthroughs and guides did not contain any walkthroughs or guides.. Why?? 
Reason 7: The link to walkthroughs and guides is broken or goes to another page. 

Stupid Reason:
The page was great.. I clicked on this page for a laugh and I want to go to a page that calls me an idiot please!!