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 PS1 Games beginning with M: Page 1 of 2: PAGE: ONE | TWO
  M and Ms: Shell Shocked
  Mach Go Go Go
  Machine Head
  Machine Hunter
  Macross: Digital Mission VF-X
  Macross Plus Game Edition
  Macross VF-X 2
  Macross: Do You Remember Love
  Mad Stalker
  Madden NFL 2000
  Madden NFL 2001
  Madden NFL 2002
  Madden NFL 2003
  Madden NFL 97
  Madden NFL 98
  Madden NFL 99
  Magic Carpet
  Magic: The Gathering: BattleMage
  Magical Drop 3
  Magical Racing Tour
  Magical Tetris Challenge
  Makeruna Makendo 2
  March Madness 2000
  March Madness 2001
  March Madness 98
  March Madness 99
  Martian Gothic: Unification
  Martian Memory
  Marvel Super Heroes
  Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter
  Marvel Vs Capcom
  Marvel Vs Capcom: EX Edition
  Mary-Kate and Ashley: Crush Course
  Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall
  Mary-Kate and Ashley: Winners Circle
  Masked Rider
  Mass Destruction
  Master of Monsters
  Masters of Teras Kasi
  Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
  Max Power Racing
  Max Surfing 2000
  Maximum Force
  McGrath Vs. Pastrana
  MechWarrior 2
  Medal Of Honor
  Medal Of Honor: Underground
  Medievil 2
  MegaMan 2
  MegaMan 3
  MegaMan 4
  MegaMan 5
  MegaMan 6
  MegaMan 8
  MegaMan Battle and Chase
  Megaman Legends
  Megaman Legends 2
  MegaMan X3
  MegaMan X4
  Megaman X5
  MegaMan X6
  Megatudo 2096
  Men In Black
  Men in Black - The Series: Crashdown
  Men In Black: Crashdown
  Metal Fist
  Metal Gear Solid
  Metal Gear Solid: Integral
  Metal Gear Solid: Special Mission Pack
  Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
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