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Note: To enable cheat codes for Oni, you must beat the game once.
Then, start a new game and press F1 during gameplay to bring up the diary.
You can now enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require.

Password .... Effect
Shapeshifter .... Change character during missions by pressing the "F8" key
Liveforever .... Infinite Health
Touchofdeath .... Killing enemies with only one shot
Canttouchthis .... Konoko cannot be knocked down
Fatloot .... Gives you all ammo and health
Glassworld .... Allows you to break almost everything in the game
Winlevel .... You win the running scenario
Loselevel .... You lose the running scenario
Bighead .... Big head mode
Minime .... Mini mode
Superammo .... Gives Konoko powerful bullets
Reservoirdogs .... Kumite Mode! (Konoko's Enemies are fighting eachother..)
Roughjustice .... Gatling Guns mode
Chenille .... Konoko becomes stronger
Behemoth .... Jiant mode
Elderrune .... Enables health regeneration
Moonshadow .... Enables cloaking mode
Munitionfrenzy .... Creates a pile of weapons in front of you
Fistsoflegend .... Fists of legend mode
Killmequick .... Konoko's enemies are ultra strong and fast to beat

Submitted by: KloxMana


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