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Animal Crossing: Wild World
Also known as: Oide yo Doubutsu no Mori (Japan)
Alt. name(s): Animal Crossing WW, Animal Crossing W.W.

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How to get presents for free: To get free presents every ten minutes, make sure the time ends with a "4" (for example, 3:54). Go to the very top of your town. On the top screen, you may have to walk along the top of your town to find it. Get your slingshot and shoot the balloon the present is hanging on. If timed correctly, the balloon will pop and the present will fall down.
How to get flowers for free: To get free flowers and win the Flower Fest, go to your neighbor's house and take their flowers. You will be able to just pick the flowers up. To get more, go to your neighbors' houses every day. You can do this every day and win the Flower Fest.
Birthday Cake trick: Use the following trick to get unlimited Birthday Cakes. To get a lot of lucky items, set the system date to your birthday. Then change the date forward then back. If done repeatedly, you can get unlimited Birthday Cakes. After getting the desired amount, save the game and set the date back to the actual date.
How to get free furniture: Sometimes when you go to the Town Hall, the recycling box may have furniture that you need. The lost and found at the Main Gate also may have free items. Talk to Booker, the dog on the left, to get to the lost and found.
Alternate inventory background: Find a pattern that you like on a shirt. Drag the shirt over the invisible space on the lower left corner of the touchscreen and drop it there.
Alternate inventory background (2): Go to the patterns section of your inventory. Choose a desired pattern, then drag it to a similar invisible space in the lower-left corner of the touchscreen and drop it there.
Set roof color: The color of the room on your first house is the same as the Nintendo DS menu color when you move into it. You can choose any color desired by first changing the Nintendo DS menu color before moving in.
Keep animals in their homes: Go to the gate then ask Copper to open them for DS to DS visitors. After the gates are open, all animals in your town can be found in their homes, making deliveries and looking inside their houses easier.
Determine if animals are home: Every day at 6 p.m., the animals that are in their homes will turn their house lights on. This makes it easier to know if they are inside or outside.
Stop animals from moving: Talk to animals when they are in their house, and their things are in boxes. Keep chatting until they say something like, "I'll have to think this over..." or "Maybe I should stay..." This works well with Mabel (the bear) or Ribbot (the robotic frog)..
Stop animals from moving (2): When a neighbor is moving (there are boxes in his house), start talking and choose "Don't go" or "That can't be" until he starts saying "Maybe I'll reconsider" or something similar.
Easy fruit: Send a letter to a villager with a gift in it. They might send you fruit. Most of the time the fruit is not native to your town; plant it for even more money.
Easier fishing and bug catching: You must walk when fishing, and creep when catching bugs.
Free items: Look in the sky during a perfectly clear night. Tap a shooting star when it appears to get a special gift the next day.
Free items (2): When the animals say "I love you, I love you not", always choose "No", "I love you" and "i love you" for a free item.
Selling items: When you try to sell items to Tom Nook or Mabel they will only give you 25% of the original price that they sold it to you for.
Restock items: Buy an item from Tom Nook or the Able sisters. Change the system date forward or back in time then return to the same day you purchased the item. It will be restocked as if you never bought it.
Finding items in rocks: If one of your neighbors is staring at a rock, there usually is something in it (for example, a Pill Bug).
Balloon present: Balloon presents always arrives when the time ends in a "4" and the wind is heard.
Keep turnips longer: To keep turnips longer then a week, put them on top of a table inside your house. They will stay fresh until you find a good price to sell them. Note: You must surround the part of the table with items before you drop the turnips so that the turnips do not go on the floor. It is best to put 100 turnips on each spot so that you can get more on the table.
Get rid of bee stings without medicine: Go home, then go up to the attic and sleep. Turn off the Nintendo DS, then turn it back on. Mr. Ressetti will not appear, and the sting should be gone.
Making someone mad: To make someone in your town mad at you, walk into them for a long period of time and push them around. If done correctly, they will become mad and steam will shoot out of the top of their head. They will not remain mad for too long.
Making someone mad: To make a neighbor mad, hit the, with a net. This will take some time, but if done correctly steam will shoot out of their head.
Changing time: If you change the system time to certain extremes you will be punished by nature. When you turn on your game, there will be hundreds of weeds everywhere which will require a long time to clear. The only upside is that you may find a four leaf clover.

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