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Animal Crossing: Wild World
Also known as: Oide yo Doubutsu no Mori (Japan)
Alt. name(s): Animal Crossing WW, Animal Crossing W.W.

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The ghost fish game glitch: Sometimes when you are fishing in the river, fish might swim away from your bait and into the cliff face itself.
The Red Tulips game glitch: On a random day after connecting to Wi-Fi, you might receive a letter in the mail that is totally blank. The letter contains a present that is a glitched Red Tulips furniture item. Do not place it in your home. If you do, the tulips will disappear and the location where you placed them cannot be used ever again. When you get these tulips, it is best to delete the message, or plant them outside, then pick them up again. They will then become normal red tulips. If you place them in your house, it is recommended that you restart your town.
The run through friend game glitch: When connected with any of your friends, go into any building and run at full speed at each other. If done correctly, you should run through them.
The move through stairs game glitch: Push one of your visitors to the stairs. If done correctly you should have run through it.
The unmarked package game glitch: If Action Replay codes for the game too much, Nintendo will send you an unmarked package. This is extremely annoying because afterwards Tom Nook will not trade with you until you deliver it. However, you cannot deliver it. You must start your town over or use Action Replay to sell your hacked Royal Crowns to the Able Sisters or on Wi-Fi.

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