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Animal Crossing: Wild World
Also known as: Oide yo Doubutsu no Mori (Japan)
Alt. name(s): Animal Crossing WW, Animal Crossing W.W.

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Become friends: Talk to Blathers when he looks sad to find out that he does not like bugs. Keep talking to him on consecutive days until he is done talking about his phobia.

Become friends: Keep buying coffee from Brewster at the café every day until he begins taking to you in a more friendly manner.

Become friends:
Talk to Celeste at the observatory every day and tell her "You're cute" until she begins talking with you more.

Entering his tent:
To enter Crazy Redd's tent you must give a password the first time and become a member. You can usually find the password by talking to some of the villagers.
Detecting forged items: Buy a painting from Crazy Redd, then immediately check the catalog at Nook's shop. If the painting is listed in it, give it to Blathers to be appraised. If the painting is not listed in the catalog, it is a forgery. Sell it to Tom Nook instead of getting it appraised first, which will lower the selling price.
Detecting forged items 2: Pay attention to Redd's body language. If a yellow star shaped object appears on his eye, then most likely the item is forged.

Appearance times:
Gulliver always flies above your town at 32 minutes past the hour, at any hour.

More haircuts:
Get a haircut from Harriet on consecutive days until you have had all six of them. The next day, get another haircut from her and he will offer the haircut styles for the gender opposite that of your character.

Multiple songs on Saturday:
Every Saturday night, K.K. Slider comes to the cafe in the museum, from 7:00 p.m. to Midnight. You can request a song, once each Saturday night. However, if you have more than one character/player, you can request a song for each of them. After getting the song you want, save, and switch to the next person. You can do this once per character per Saturday night.

Selling Accident Insurance:
Lyle will be outside your door every Saturday, offering insurance until you buy it. After that, if you ever trip, fall in a hole, or get stung by a bee, the next day he will have sent you 100 Bells for each accident.

Restart the game at least two times to have Mr. Resstti appear. Next, use a shovel to hit all the rocks until one cracks. Hit that rock again then enter the hole that appears to find Mr. Resetti's home.

Become friends:
Go in the Able Sisters store. Find Sable near the sewing machine and talk to her every day until she starts being friendly.

Get all carpet and wallpaper from Saharah. She will then give you a gift, which is a picture of her.

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