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Die Hard

Enter the Special Features screen to access an unadvertised short feature about the film and cast and crew biographies.

Destroy Fox Home Entertainment:
Insert Disc 2. Press Up at the main menu to highlight one of the landing lights on the roof. Press Enter to destroy the roof and display the "There goes Fox Home Entertainment" message.
Production credits: Insert Disc 1. Select the "Language Selection" option at the main menu. Select "Subtitles" and highlight any language. Press Right to highlight Bruce Willis. Press Enter to view the disc's production credits.
Alternate outtakes: Insert Disc 2. Select the "From The Vault" option at the main menu, then select "Outtakes". Select "The Vault" and press Right, Right on the next screen to highlight a gun. Press Enter to watch the outtakes without any dialogue.

Where is it in the film? About one hour in.
When John McClain enters the air vent system from the elevator shaft, he is wearing a white shirt.
When he emerges from the vents, he is wearing a brown shirt.

Submitted by: Mike F and BlueBoy71

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