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Go to the Extra Features submenu and arrow down until you highlight the acid puddle at the bottom of the screen. If you press Enter now you will be able to see Kane’s transmission of the alien’s lifecycle.


During the film select audio track 6 and hear the original dialogue recorded for the film.


On the Main Menu highlight the Scene Selections option and press the right arrow key to highlight the other window.
If you press Enter now, you will see the flightplans of the Nostromo and extensive crew information.


On the Main Menu, move Left to the portal (octagon shape).
A square appears around the pointer.
Click Enter and you are then taken into the crew dossiers detailing their careers and past.


Where is it in the movie?: in the opening scene.
When the camera pans around the Nostomo's cockpit (before we see the crew in cryogenic sleep) and has a close up of the space helmet the camera shoots away to film the console as the screen flickers to life then it will show the space helmet again (the helmet with an emergency stop button?) and then the shot goes again back to the console yet the second time we see the console a tuppaware mug suddenly appears.

Submitted by: Mike F and AJ

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