DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai


In the Special Features section, select the Deleted Scenes and then highlight the Special Features menu entry at the bottom of the screen.
Press the Left arrow key now to highlight the melon and then press Enter to get access to a made-up newspaper article about Perfect Tommy's experiment with dropping watermelons from the sky to relieve world famine.
Inside that hidden feature there is actually another one.
In the newspaper clipping, hit the More button to get to the second page and there press the Up arrow key to highlight the Buckaroo Banzai logo.
It will give you access to then see a brief interview with the director about the whole watermelon question, and a bit about a recipe for Chicken in a Watermelon.


On the Main Menu, press the Left arrow key on your remote control to highlight the centre car.
Now press 'Enter' and you will get to see a list of quotes from the movie.


On the Main Menu press the Left arrow key on your remote control to highlight the Banzai car and then press it once again and the yellow button in the upper left corner will be highlighted.
Press Enter now to get a look at alternative menu designs for the DVD that were ultimately abandoned in favour of the final one.


Go to the Special Features menu and go to the second page.
Now select the Banzai Institute Archives menu entry.
Highlight the Special Features entry at the bottom, followed by the Right arrow key to highlight another Banzai symbol.
This will give you access to a images of alternate DVD packaging designs for the movie.

Submitted by: Mike F and Syria78

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