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Complete the game in offline mode to unlock the hard difficulty setting.

UNLOCK THE Very hard mode
Complete the game in offline mode two times to unlock the very hard difficulty setting.

Easy experience
Start a new game and go to the place where they give you the hunter job. Select the third choice (named battle training).
In this job, you get a partner that is very strong. To get easy experience just hit all the monsters once and have him kill them with one slice. You still get 4 experience points. Before you finish the job, leave the forest, go back to the guide place, and cancel your job. Then, restart it and all the monsters and items will be back making it easy to get experience points, money, and items.

The Rap Rappy birds in the Forest 1 and 2 can be shot once for experience. After a short time they will wake up and try to run. Shoot them again and they will drop an item.

Neutralize poison
When poisonous plants are encountered in the caves, stand on the body of a fallen opponent and their poison cannot harm you.

Entering the Ruins area
After defeating the Boss of the Mines, you will arrive in an underground cave with a blocked door with three symbols on it. These symbols correspond to the three giant pillars found throughout the previous levels. You must go back through the Forest, Caves, and Mines to activate the pillars. Each pillar is located in the second area of each zone. Once all of the pillars are active, go through the Mines again, defeat the Boss, and then walk through the newly opened door.

Avoiding Phantasy Pirates
Phantasy Pirates are thieves. They steal your money and weapon when you die. Then run away or deny they stole it. To prevent getting caught in this position, leave your money in the bank and do not play with someone who is suspicious, acts very strangely, or exhibits stealing behavior. If you think you will die, equip a weapon that is not very valuable to you.

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