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Zyblanel is both cheap and tough.
You can't really damage him with your melee weapon.
Your best bet is using the gun with the most powerful single shot in the game (looks like a small hand gun - the 2nd from top to bottom/left to right). Also, try to get as many squires as you can on the field to distract him (I had three).  Always try to stay in front of him. If he raises his body, run towards him to avoid his projectiles.
If he snakes in a semi-circular pattern in front of you, watch out!  He can bomb you this way.
Keep avoiding his attack and firing your gun.  Eventually, you'll beat him and get the sort of lame ending.
On the plus side, you can save your game at the end and continue racking up gems (there is one type I have yet to find). 
Another Method of Beating Zyblanel (from Dreamcast-HQ) Use the Bazooka Projectile and load up on squires, then when the Zyblanel stops moving, shoot him.  You can finish him in about 6-7 bazooka shots.

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