'The link to walkthroughs and guides did not contain any walkthroughs or guides.. Why??'

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Reasons why the page does not contain any walkthroughs or guides:
(1) The game may have only just been released and no one has submitted any walkthroughs or guides for the game yet. If this is the case then you will have to check on a regular basis until it is updated. Note: The sites that we select to link to are updated on a regular basis and eventually they will be updated. Be patient.
(2) Most games rely on devoted fans to write the guides. If a game isn't a popular title or obscure, it may never have walkthroughs or guides.

Tips: Popular titles will usually have multiple guides covering different aspects of the game so be patient.
You can also search for cheats and information for the title you were looking for by using our Lycos search at the top of this page.. an example of a good search term would be: 'Crazy Taxi walkthroughs, faqs and guides'.
You may also want to invest in a published strategy guide, click here to check availability from one of our sponsors or check you favourite online retailers or local game store.

We will look into this problem and fix it as soon as humanly possible.
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