'I'm not looking for hints and guides.. I WANT CHEATS!!'

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Reasons why the page only contains hints and guides:
(1) Some games do not and never will have cheats built into them.
(2) Some cheats are quite complex and rely on game companies making the cheats public knowledge.. This can sometimes take a long time.. In the case of Goldeneye for the N64 it was a number of years before the cheats were released.
(3) You can only cheat some games by using a cheat code device (gameshark, action replay etc.). Maybe you should consider buying one of these devices.. to check availability of Cheat Code Devices from one of our sponsors click here or check your own favourite online retailers.
(4) Although we are meticulous and usually accurate, we may have missed adding cheats for this game.

Tips: Sometimes you can find cheats for a game within a walkthrough or guide.. They're always worth checking too.. 
You can also search for cheats by using our Lycos search at the top of this page..
You may need to consider buying a cheat code device (Gameshark.. Action Replay.). click here to check or check your own favourite online retailers or local game store.

We will look into this problem and add cheats as soon as humanly possible.
Thank you once again your input is vital.

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