'The page contained cheats but I do not understand how to enable them'

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Reasons why you may not understand how to enable the cheats:
Although we usually try to explain how to enter the cheats in plain simple English, some cheats do not have the relevant information (the screen where to enter the cheat etc.).
We will review the page you came from and see if it needs a clearer explanation. 

Tips: Some of the PC cheats require you to edit a file. If you are not sure how to do this DO NOT attempt to do it, you may lose your save file or game file and you'll have to re-install the game and start all over again.
Some of the console cheats require you to hold a button or buttons while you enter a button combination. Make sure you hold the specified button or buttons down for the whole time you're entering the cheat. Others cheats may require you to enter a button combination in a consistent rhythm or slowly or quickly.
With cheat device codes (Action Replay, Gameshark and Codebreaker codes) you must have the relevant cheat device to enter the codes. Maybe you should consider buying one of these devices.. to check availability of Cheat Code Devices from one of our sponsors click here or check your own favourite online retailers or game store.

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