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Shadow of the Beast

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Round gold key: This is to be found on the platform underneath the Orb Keeper on level one. It's used to open the door at the end of level two.
Round green key: This key will allow you entrance to the caves on level five.
Square white key: In the top lefthand corner of level two you'll find this key. You'll need to use it on the door to the castle.
Round white key: This is one of the 'red herrings' left lying around to confuse you. It has absolutely no use whatsoever, so it's best left where you find it.

Extra life: Drop the coin down the well (on the start of level three) to get an extra life.
Jet-pack: You'll find the jet-pack and mask outside the entrance to level five. Put them on before entering the room. If you don't you'll be instantly killed.
Crucifix: You'll find this handy object outside the castle. Keep it because you'll need it to summon the King Gargoyle.
High-jump potion: This mixture will be needed to destroy the monster at the end of level four. (It helps if you have the gun too.)

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