PC DOS Windows Games
World of Warcraft
Published by: Vivendi Games
Developed by: Blizzard
Release Date: November 22, 2004 (US)

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Emotes List
Enter these in your chat window for desired effect. First type "/" followed by the command.

Agree Amaze Angry Apologize
Applaud Beckon Beg Belch
Bite Bleed Blink Blood
Blow Blush Boggle Bonk
Bored Bounce Bow BRB
Burp Bye Cackle Calm
Cat Catty Cheer Chew
Chicken Chuckle Clap Cold
Comfort Confused Congrats Congratulate
Cough Cower Crack Cringe
Cry Cuddle Curious Curt
Curtsey Dance Disappointed Doh
Doom Drink Drool Duck
Eat Eye Farewell Fart
Fear Feast Fidget Flap
Flex Food Frown Gasp
Gaze Giggle Glad Glare
Gloat Goodbye Greet Greetings
Grin Groan Grovel Guffaw
Hail Happy Hello Hi
Hug Hungry Impatient Insult
Introduce JK Kiss Kneel
Knuckles Lavish Lay Laydown
Lick Lie Liedown Listen
Mad Massage Moan Mock
Moon Mourn No Nod
Nosepick Panic Peer Peon
Pest Pick Plead Point
Poke Ponder Pounce Praise
Pray Purr Puzzled Question
Raise Rdy Ready Rear
Roar Rude Salute Scratch
Sexy Shake Shimmy Shindig
Shiv Shiver Shoo Shrug
Shy Sigh Sit Slap
Sleep Smell Smirk Snarl
Snicker Sniff Snub Sob
Soothe Sorry Spit Spoon
Stare Stink Strong Strut
Surprised Surrender Talk TalkEx
TalkQ Tap Taunt Tease
Thank Thanks Thirsty Threat
Tickle Threaten Tired Ty
Veto Victory Volunteer Wave
Weep Welcome Whine Whistle
Wicked Wickedly Work Wrath
Yawn Yay

Voice Emotes List
Enter these in your chat window for desired effect. First type "/v" followed by the command.

Attack Charge Cheer Fire
Flee Fol Heal Help
Inc Oom Rasp Wait


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