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Go to to the Ghost castle in the Donut World with a cape.
When you enter right above you is a space in the ceiling.
Fly up to the space and you'll be in the attack of the ghost castle.
Run as fast as you can to the right of hte screen.
You'll fall down into this areas with 4 yellow boxes, each one holds a fre life mushroom.
Caution: There are still lost of ghost flying around you while you're there.
If you're going to get the free lives, be fast) Then go through the door you'll be out of the ghost castle and you end the level.
Now you have beaten the ghost castle and a road should lead to the north from the ghost castle to a level.
Enter the level, there should be two mushrooms/ or flowers, a yoshi/ or free life mushroom, and two capes.

Hold A at the game over screen.
While keeping that button held, press Start when the title screen appears.
Or try.
On the Title Screen, hold A and press: Start, Start.

In Level 1-2, near the end there are lifts going up. Go on one of them and jump above the exiting pipe. Keep walking and you'll go into the WARP ZONE.

In 4-2 at some stage go on top and walk along to the end of the level. Go past the exiting pipe and you will go into another WARP ZONE.

WARP TO WORLDS 6, 7, and 8
In 4-2, a little way from the start you will see three evil mushrooms. Keep going a bit further. After that there will be a gap. Jump it then jump up to reveal invisible blocks. Inside an ordinary block, there will beanstalk. Climb the Beanstalk and go to the end of the level. Again you will be in a WARP ZONE.
NOTE: The world 6, 7 and 8 warp is easier to get when you're small.

Submitted by: AJ, A. Taylor (AZe) and Jason

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