Sega Genesis and Mega Drive
Genesis is the US name for the console and MegaDrive the Euro name..
Madden NFL 92


Play any EASN game with these passwords.
The NFC team will always be the home team.

Teams .... Password
Atlanta vs. Buffalo .... C5LSS65H
Atlanta vs. Houstan .... D72C835L
Buffalo vs. San Francisco .... DWJ4NLPV
Buffalo vs. New York .... B3H92V5N
Chicago vs. Kansas City .... B3FMKGMT
Chicago vs Buffalo .... B3FM8FB5
Cincinnati vs. San Francisco .... C536LLJY
Cincinnnati vs. Atlanta .... D8NDDS0R
Cleveland vs. Washington .... CDCHGGS4
Dallas vs. Oakland .... BDNZZTR1
Dallas vs. Buffalo .... BPGHG9NI
Detroit vs. New Jersey .... B29KH464
Giants vs. Redskins .... BBBBBBBB
Green Bay vs. Cincinnati .... BPCYNT78
Green Bay vs. Kansas City .... BPCSHGX4
Houston vs. Washington .... BOP2Z178
Indianapolis vs. Chicago .... B0WH6T2K
Kansas City vs. Dallas .... DWMS4M9P
Kansas City vs. San Francisco .... DWMWRBGS
Kansas City vs. Chicago .... FCH2G18B
Kansas City vs. New Orleans .... DGXNTKWT
Los Angeles vs. Pittsburgh .... BHJFGFVR
Los Angeles vs. Houston .... CG68WD8N
Los angeles vs. Buffalo .... CG644SYN
Miami vs. Green Bay .... C2Z4ZSZS
Miami vs. New York .... B6KFSMCB
Miami vs. Chicago .... B6KJRXWX
Minnesota vs. Cleveland .... CC50N7W4

Submitted by: Keith Linus

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*Please note: In the US and some other regions this system is known as the Sega Genesis. In other regions, including Japan and Europe, the console is known as the Sega Mega Drive.